DeviantART: Playing Cards by Alexey Lipatov

03 Feb

Playing cards designed by the Russian artist Alexey Lipatov [Lipatov’s gallery on DeviantART].

© Alexey Lipatov

They are dedicated to mobster’s years… for example, of Chicago. Tommy guns were the best friends of mobsters (gangsters) and Fords were their reliable vehicles. But those vehicles quite often required some care of a mechanic after another redivision of territories. And all that was for the benefit of a boss (a godfather of mafia). And of course any boss had to have a beautiful lover.

The King of Clubs


The Queen of Clubs

queen_of_clubs_by_lipatov The Queen of Hearts


The Jack of Clubs



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One response to “DeviantART: Playing Cards by Alexey Lipatov

  1. Igor

    15.02.2013 at 17:12

    Cool. I hope he’ll design the whole deck.


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