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Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Molly Maloney

Molly Maloney, an Ameriacan artist, has some stories in her mind which provoke her to design playing cards. Someday she plans to complete a full deck of playing cards devoted to the several stories. Each suit will tell a separate story. Court cards will be devoted to main characters of appropriate stories. Each number card should be a part of the respective story. Molly named only the story for Diamonds, the story of Kaguya Hime. I guess the full set will force the artist to name all stories.

Kaguya Hime (Princess Kaguya), also known as Taketori Monogatari (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter), is a 10th-century Japanese folktale. It tells the story about the life of a mysterious girl called Kaguya-hime, who was discovered as a baby inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant.

© Molly Maloney

Playing Cards by Molly Maloney – Kaguya Hime: The Ace of Diamonds


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Playing Cards and Cinema: Beast in a Neon Cage Playing Cards by Jon Wong

This deck of playing cards was designed by Jon Wong in 2010 as a part of the Beast in a Neon Cage film festival visitor’s complete set of presents.

Beast in a Neon Cage is the name of a film festival project for legendary cult director Seijun Suzuki. The name for the festival is a metaphor for the characters that appear in Suzuki’s films: gangsters and crooks who on the surface appear civilized, but underneath are wild beasts that are stuck in the “neon cage” of the Tokyo nightlife. Building on that idea and the psychedelic imagery of his films, the festival’s visuals burst with color. The sharp angles reflect the on-screen chaos and the cartoon imagery hints at the dark humor that frequents Suzuki’s work. Finally, the packaging of the products uses raw wood on the outside to mimic the sophisticated veneers of these characters, but inside they explode with color, achieved through the use of various sheets of colored plastic.” ~ Jon Wong


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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Yuna Hikari

Playing cards were designed by the Iatlian artist Yuna Hikari (StrangeParadise) for a fictional playing card company which was the subject of his final exam.

[StrangeParadise’s gallery on DeviantART]

© Yuna Hikari (StrangeParadise)



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Playing Cards and Anime: Spirited Away Deck by agentmega

These playing cards are designed by agentmega (unfortunately his(her) tumblr blog was deleted). This is a project. I doubt the deck was printed (unfortunately). Cards are designed in agentmega’s distinctive style.

The deck is dedicated to Spirited Away anime. This Japanese animated fantasy film was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli in 2001. The film tells the story of Chihiro Ogino. She is a sullen ten-year-old girl. While moving to a new neighborhood, Chihiro enters an alternate reality inhabited by spirits and monsters. After her parents are transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba, Chihiro takes a job working in Yubaba’s bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents and escape to the human world.

When released, Spirited Away became the most successful film in Japanese history (grossing over $274 million worldwide). The film overtook Titanic in the Japanese box office.

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Playing Cards and Games: Agarest Generations of War Zero Playing Cards

Record of Agarest War Zero (known as Agarest Senki Zero in Japan and Agarest: Generations of War Zero in Europe) is a tactical role-playing game developed by Compile Heart and Red Entertainment. It was published in Japan by Idea Factory on June 25, 2009 for the PlayStation 3.

Agarest: Generations of War Zero Limited Edition Set was produced by Aksys Games in the US and contains two decks of playing cards based on the game. One deck is dedicated to main heroes of the game and another deck is taken from the game itself.

Agarest Generations_of_War_Zero_Playing_Cards

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