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DeviantART: Playing Cards by Yuna Hikari

Playing cards were designed by the Iatlian artist Yuna Hikari (StrangeParadise) for a fictional playing card company which was the subject of his final exam.

[StrangeParadise’s gallery on DeviantART]

© Yuna Hikari (StrangeParadise)



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Quick Note: Scopa Playing Cards by thespiel on Kickstarter

From Magellan to the modern day, Scopa, the classic Italian card game, has been enjoyed for nearly 500 years. Players capture cards from a central area to score points at the end of each round or “sweep” the table clean of cards (Scopa means sweep in Italian). The first player to collect 11 points over a series of rounds wins the game.

Scopa is played with a 40 card deck, 10 cards in four different suits. The suits in a traditional Scopa deck are swords, cups, clubs (literal clubs), and coins. Each suit has cards ranked from ace to seven and three face cards: The King, The Knight, and The Squire (or in some decks, The Lady).

This Gamer’s Edition of Scopa replaces the traditional suits with game components: dice, dominoes, clubs (the card suit), and meeples. Here are some examples of the new suit designs and artwork.

You can read more and could pledge here: [FUNDED – August 7, 2013]


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Playing Cards and Art: Gaetano Bellei

Italian artist Gaetano Bellei (1857-1922) dedicated some of his artworks (oil paintings) to playing card gamers. He liked to depict old people for this series of his artworks. Look how masterfully he conveyed emotions of players. I have to think that his choice of old people was not random. As a rule old people are more sincere in their emotions as they left their poker faces in their youth 🙂 I guess that is why these artworks based on Gaetano’s talent look so convincingly.

The Players Choice


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Lo Scarabeo: The Fairy People Playing Cards

The Fairy People Deck was produced by Lo Scarabeo (Italy) and printed by Modiano (Italy) in 2003. Bridge size.

Playing cards are designed by Antonio Lupatelli. The deck is based in part on the Fairy Tarots deck produced by Lo Scarabeo in 1997. Traditional for Tell (Seasons) Pattern pips are used on pictures of playing cards.

Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_Box_Front Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_Box_Back1

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