Lo Scarabeo: The Fairy People Playing Cards

20 Apr

The Fairy People Deck was produced by Lo Scarabeo (Italy) and printed by Modiano (Italy) in 2003. Bridge size.

Playing cards are designed by Antonio Lupatelli. The deck is based in part on the Fairy Tarots deck produced by Lo Scarabeo in 1997. Traditional for Tell (Seasons) Pattern pips are used on pictures of playing cards.

Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_Box_Front Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_Box_Back1

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The Fairy People Playing Cards by Lo Scarabeo: SPADES


A penny saved is a penny earned

Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Ace_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Two_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Three_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Four_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Five_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Six_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Seven_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Eight_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Nine_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Ten_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Jack_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Queen_of_Spades Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_King_of_SpadesLo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_Back

The Fairy People Playing Cards by Lo Scarabeo: HEARTS


Sharpening mortal hearts (minds) with cares or Inciting the human heart by anxiety

Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Ace_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Two_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Three_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Four_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Five_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Six_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Seven_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Eight_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Nine_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Ten_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Jack_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_Queen_of_Hearts Lo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_The_King_of_HeartsLo_Scarabeo_The_Fairy_People_Back


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