Playing Cards and Anime: Spirited Away Deck by agentmega

24 May

These playing cards are designed by agentmega (unfortunately his(her) tumblr blog was deleted). This is a project. I doubt the deck was printed (unfortunately). Cards are designed in agentmega’s distinctive style.

The deck is dedicated to Spirited Away anime. This Japanese animated fantasy film was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli in 2001. The film tells the story of Chihiro Ogino. She is a sullen ten-year-old girl. While moving to a new neighborhood, Chihiro enters an alternate reality inhabited by spirits and monsters. After her parents are transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba, Chihiro takes a job working in Yubaba’s bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents and escape to the human world.

When released, Spirited Away became the most successful film in Japanese history (grossing over $274 million worldwide). The film overtook Titanic in the Japanese box office.

Pixar director John Lasseter (a fan of Miyazaki) was approached by Walt Disney Pictures to supervise an English-language translation for the film’s North American release. The English-language adaptation was released on September 20, 2002.

This film won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2003, the Golden Bear at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival, etc© agentmega



Anime are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation. Anime includes animated television series, short films and full-length feature films. The word is the abbreviated pronunciation of “animation” in Japanese. The term is defined as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes. The characteristic anime style developed in the 1960s – notably with the work of Osamu Tezuka – and became known outside Japan in the 1980s.


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2 responses to “Playing Cards and Anime: Spirited Away Deck by agentmega

  1. hadas

    12.01.2018 at 21:58

    This movie is wonderful, and so are the designed cards.
    Do you happen to know where one could buy them legally?
    I have been searching all day where these cards originated, thank you so much for solving this mystery for me!

    • Collector

      15.01.2018 at 21:36

      I doubt they have been produced. Maybe some playing card producer will help one day.


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