Kickstarter: Nothing Personal Gangsters: Bicycle Playing Cards by Springboard

13 Mar

Limited-Run, High-Quality Bicycle Playing Cards with Gangster Art from the “Nothing Personal” Board Game.


Last November we ran a Kickstarter campaign for Nothing Personal, a board game designed by Tom Vasel and Stephen Avery. The project was wildly successful and pushed our art team to the limits to get all the work done.  Well, the art is now complete!

To celebrate, we’re creating a commemorative deck of Nothing Personal Gangster Art Playing Cards. This deck will be printed by U.S. Playing Card Company, known around the world for their Bicycle Brand playing cards. We’ll print this deck once only, and that’s it.

c1beb80bee45db98fd07199b38389643_largeEvery card (except the Aces and Jokers) features a piece of detailed character art from the Nothing Personal board game, and each suit is made up of cards from the Thugs, Conmen, Hitmen, and Gambler gangster types. Here are the A K Q J 10 for each suit to give you a peek at what the deck of Nothing Personal Gangster Playing Cards has to offer.

Each deck will bear the Bicycle trademark on the tuck box and will be sealed with a black seal bearing the signet ring seal of the Capo of the Five Families. The Capo himself has authorized these decks!” ~ Springboard

You could pledge here [Funding Unsuccessful]

This project will only be funded if at least $8,000 is pledged by Tuesday Apr 9, 9:40pm EDT.

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2 responses to “Kickstarter: Nothing Personal Gangsters: Bicycle Playing Cards by Springboard

  1. David

    14.03.2013 at 04:18

    Thanks very much for helping spread the word about the Nothing Personal Gangsters Bicycle Playing Cards. It’s collectors and fans like yourself that help to make these projects come to life!


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