Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: Creative Cards by Digital Abstracts

28 Feb


From the two of hearts by Sara Blake to the ace of spades by Fill Ryabchikov, each participant chose a card to illustrate and created a suitable image in their own trademark style. Artists involved include Joshua Davis, Sara Blake, Brand Nu, Adhemas Batista, Lunartik, Justin Maller, Shotopop, Evgeny Kiselev, Michael Cina, Design is Dead and many more.

It’s been great to get so many famous artists together to collaborate on this project. We haven’t just made pretty postcards either. CREATIVE CARDS are meant to be played. The deck has been beautifully printed and you can feel the quality of the cards in your hands while you look at the stunning artwork on each individual one.” ~ Digital Abstracts

You can find Creative Cards deck HERE


The Ace of Spades – Fill Ryabchikov: SiteTwitter ♥ Facebook ♣


The 2 of Spades – Raul Urias: Behance ♠ Twitter ♥ Facebook ♣

The 3 of Spades – Raphaël Vicenzi: SiteBehanceDeviantARTFacebook ♦ Tumblr ♠


The 4 of Spades – Anton Repponen: SiteFlickr ♥ Twitter ♣ LinkedInLiveJournal ♠ Vimeo

The 5 of Spades – Rubens Cantuni: SiteDeviantART ♥ Twitter ♣ Facebook ♦


The 6 of Spades – Design Is Dead: SiteTwitter ♥ Facebook ♣ LinkedInYouTubeVimeo

The 7 of Spades – Brand Nu: SiteTwitter ♥


The 8 of Spades – Justin Maller: SiteBehanceInstagram ♣ Twitter ♠ LinkedIn ♥ Tumblr ♣

The 9 of Spades – KDLIG: SiteBehanceDeviantARTFlickrTwitterFacebookWordPress ♣ Tumblr ♦


The 10 of Spades – Simplevector: SiteBehanceFlickr ♣ Twitter ♦ Facebook ♠ Tumblr

The Jack of Spades – Si Clark: SiteTwitter ♥ BloggerYouTube ♦ Vimeo ♠


The Queen of Spades – Michael Molloy: SiteBehanceTwitter ♣ Facebook ♦

The King of Spades – Mr. Kone: SiteBehanceFlickr ♣ Blogger ♦



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7 responses to “Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: Creative Cards by Digital Abstracts

  1. Giga Kobidze

    11.03.2013 at 01:19

    Glad that I’m part of this amazing project!

  2. Valp

    04.03.2013 at 22:33

    Outstanding collection, am I right? ;-)) Glad to see my 8 of diamonds here!

  3. Zutto

    03.03.2013 at 00:23

    Nice to see the project featured in your blog!

  4. Fill Ryabchikov

    28.02.2013 at 20:21

    Hi, glad to see that you spread the word about that project. It was a fun to make an illustration for a playing card, I had the opportunity to choose any card, because I was one of the firts who accepted participation in this projecy, and I crab “Ace Of Spades” because of the Motorhead song with same name 🙂


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