Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher

10 Apr

Siobhán Gallagher is a Canadian artist. She graduated with a BDes from NSCAD University in 2012. Now Siobhán does graphic design work for Penguin Group USA (readers of books printed by Philomel Books can be familiar with her illustrations), Farrar, Straus and Giroux, McDonald’s, Ronald McDonald House Atlantic,etc.

These bright positive playing cards were designed by Siobhán. The illustrator of books for kids and teens can be seen in these artworks. The playing cards are a little bit crazy, but what a nice work with colours and geometrical forms. Here you have everyday habits and hobbies of people represented through original “visual patchworks*”.

The deck hasn’t been produced commercially. She printed a few copies and then cut them down and packaged them herself as part of an illustration project. But Siobhán is always available to hear from interested people about potential cooperation.

Of course, The Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Diamonds and the Jack of Spades can find more symmetric clothes. And the Jack of Clubs can get his right hand.

© Siobhán Gallagher


Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher: Courts – Spades


Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher: Courts – Hearts


Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher: Courts – Clubs


Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher: Courts – Diamonds


Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher: The King of Hearts


Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher: The Queen of Spades


Playing Cards by Siobhán Gallagher: The Jack of Diamonds


* Patchwork is a form of textile arts that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into some design.




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