Kickstarter: Bicycle the Lumberjacks 2nd Ed. Playing Cards by Vadim Smolenskiy

20 Mar

Vadim decided to replace traditional black and red suits with fluorescent blues and reds respectively. This updated colour scheme nicely fits black background and some “autumnal” feeling of other colours of the deck.

Bicycle the Lumberjacks 2nd Edition Playing Cards: Number Cards


What a nice cooperation between the Jack of Spades and the Jack of Hearts. Vadim definitely had his alternative vision how to split that log 🙂 .

Bicycle the Lumberjacks 2nd Edition Playing Cards: Jokers


Vadim’s lumberjacks are so well-educated that are able to interpret Judaic texts of the Talmud (a central text of Rabbinic Judaism):  מיניה וביה אבא לשדיה ביה נרגא. English free interpretation of the phrase: “From the forest itself comes the handle for the ax”. The English phrase is on all backs of these playing cards.

Ax is the Americanized name of English axe.

Bicycle the Lumberjacks 2nd Edition Playing Cards: Backs


Matisyahu – Chop ‘Em Down


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