Playing Card Art: Solitaire League Playing Cards by Cyberdelics

These Solitaire League playing card artworks created by Cyberdelics (Rendermax) for IMC Games Co LTD. It is a South Korean video game corporation primarily known for the development of the MMORPG and mobile video games. Solitaire League is a mobile video game created by IMC Games Co LTD. in 2014.

© Solitaire League 2014 IMC Games Co LTD.

Solitaire League Playing Cards


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Playing Card Art: Queens by Brittney Lee

Here are interesting and vivid prints with playing card queens designed by the American artist, Brittney Lee. She created them for the group show titled “Ladies of Animation” (2013, GRworks Gallery in LA). The show was dedicated to artworks of talented women.

© 2013 Brittney Lee

The Queen of Spades


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