Bēhance: Citrus and Christian Mythology Playing Cards by Ana Zuniga

Sometimes artists in their search of various artistic forms and senses try to cross completely different things. Here is an example of this. A Costa Rican artist, Ana Zuniga, crossed her vision of Christian Mythology with… citrus plants.

It’s clear that stained-glass windows are strongly associated by her with Christian Mythology. I subjectively can’t say that these court cards unambiguously reflect Christian Mythology because this isn’t the first thing the pictures make me think about. But they definitely are pleasant artworks reflecting the art of stained-glass windows. She nicely incorporated signs of citrus plants into the design of the playing card artworks. Unfortunately, all court cards are almost the same – only “black” and “red” suits are indicated by main green / light-green and orange colours – lime and tangerine with notes of lemon.

These artworks were her academic work. Playing card has the bridge size. The deck hasn’t been produced.

© Ana Zuniga 2014


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2015 [week 8] – Upcoming Decks

  1. Joker and the Thief Playing Cards [March 20th, 2015]

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DeviantART: DC Comics Playing Cards by Andrew Amiya

These are several playing card artworks designed by an American artist, Andrew Amiya (Barracuda9999), for his client preparing a playing card deck devoted to DC Comics heroes. Artworks were created with marker, ink, colored pencil, and gouache. There is no information about its production. Each card features a character from DC Comics Universe.

© Andrew Amiya (Barracuda9999) 2009

The Seven of Clubs – Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy is a zombie supervillain in the DC Comics Universe. Initially he was an enemy of the Green Lantern.


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2015 [week 7] – Upcoming Decks

  1. Buskers Playing Cards [February 21th, 2015]

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