D&D: Vintage Plaid Playing Cards

01 Oct

One information card in each deck has the resolved crossword puzzles on both sides. The other information card in both decks has the definitive recipe for the Sazerac which is one of the world’s oldest known cocktails. Casual California Blue Deck uses blue ink and Striking Arizona Red Deck uses black ink.

Casual California Blue Deck: Faces of Information Cards


Casual California Blue Deck: Backs of Information Cards


Striking Arizona Red Deck: The Face and Back of Information Cards


Jokers are the same in both decks and have stags on them. One stag has a small reveal – the Ace of Spades in his forehead. I have to think that this is a modern fun to throw aces in the head of a fictional stag. I guess brothers followed Baron Munchausen’s example but substituted a cherrystone with the ace. So some extra run of these playing cards is possible… some fictional extra run 😉


The Ace of Spades is very simple. Other aces are Bicycle traditional aces but with the above mentioned vintage twist.

Casual California Blue Deck: The Ace of Spades + the Ace of Hearts


Striking Arizona Red Deck: The Ace of Clubs + the Ace of Diamonds


Court cards are Bicycle standard court cards with faded colours. Striking Arizona Red playing cards can be counted more customized as all traditional blue elements of the Bicycle design were substituted with the same black elements.

The King of Spades: Casual California Blue Deck – Bicycle Deck – Striking Arizona Red Deck


The Queen of Hearts: Casual California Blue Deck – Bicycle Deck – Striking Arizona Red Deck


The Jack of Clubs: Casual California Blue Deck – Bicycle Deck – Striking Arizona Red Deck



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