DeviantART: Three Musketeers Playing Cards by Hannah Friederichs

12 May

Hannah Friederichs (AgarthanGuide) was recently mentioned on pages of this site with her Daredevil playing card artworks. This post is devoted to other playing card artworks created be this American artist. These are also some type of fan art made as playing cards. The same “portrait” approach to courts.

© Hannah Friederichs 2010

  1. Three Musketeers Playing Cards

The Three Musketeers is a historical adventure novel by a French writer, Alexandre Dumas (24 July 1802 – 5 December 1870). The novel tells about the adventures of a young man named d’Artagnan (The King of Hearts) after he leaves home to travel to Paris with the aim to join the Musketeers of the Guard (a fighting company of the military branch of the Maison du Roi, the Royal Household of the French monarchy). The adventures take place in the 17th century. Three musketeers are d’Artagnan’s friends, Athos (The King of Spades), Porthos (The King of Clubs) and Aramis (The King of Diamonds). Their main adventure is caused by intrigues and queen’s vaudeville at the court of King Louis XIII (The King of Clubs – the second in this pack :)) and Queen Anne of Austria (The Ace of Diamonds?).

D’Artagnan finds and loses his love, Constance Bonacieux (The Queen of Hearts). She was killed by Milady de Winter (should be the Queen of Spades).

Definitely the artworks need additional improvement to become real playing cards. But they are quite nice.

Three Musketeers Playing Cards: The Ace of Diamonds – Queen Anne of Austria


Three Musketeers Playing Cards: The King of Spades – Athos


Three Musketeers Playing Cards: The King of Hearts – D’Artagnan


Three Musketeers Playing Cards: The King of Clubs – Porthos


Three Musketeers Playing Cards: The King of Clubs – King Louis XIII


Three Musketeers Playing Cards: The King of Diamonds – Aramis


Three Musketeers Playing Cards by Hannah Friederichs: Milady de Winter


Three Musketeers Playing Cards: The Queen of Hearts – Constance Bonacieux


  1. The Killing Moon Box for Playing Cards.

This can be a nice old-new approach for modern collector’s sets of playing card decks – a cardboard box for two decks placed upright.

© Hannah Friederichs 2012

“I made this deck box for my brother Peter- it wasn’t quite a request- he likes naming his decks and I was looking for an excuse to practice some typography. I think it turned out sharp. It was certainly fun to do.
The quotes are from “The Killing Moon,” by Echo and the Bunnymen and “Small Change,” by Tom Waits” ~ Hannah Friederichs

The Killing Moon Box for Playing Cards by Hannah Friederichs


Speaking about Hannah’s typography…

I-Wish-I-Was-The-Moon-by-Hannah-Friederichs I-Like-Big-Boats-by-Hannah-Friederichs Let-Her-Sleep-by-Hannah-Friederichs







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