2015 [week 24] – Upcoming Decks

17 Jun


5. Wicked Kingdom Playing Cards by Wylie Beckert

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will be launched on Kickstarter late 2015 / early 2016
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Wylie Beckert ???
Wylie Beckert is an American fantasy artist. She mainly creates artworks for books, magazines, advertising, and animation. Her art is a combination of digital and traditional media, and is defined by its darkness, whimsy, and emphasis on characters and storytelling. Wicked Kingdom deck should be one of such examples transferred in playing cards. The deck features insanely detailed, hand-drawn artwork. See, for example, painting process for the King of Spades here. Also see the video below. Wylie also likes the concept of “almost symmetrical” faces of playing cards 🙂 Each card should have its own story (read them on Beckert’s site).

Wicked Kingdom Playing Cards: The King of Spades


Wicked-Kingdom-Playing-Cards-by-Wylie-Beckert-King-of-Spades-bw-udTHE KING OF SPADES, whose once-prosperous kingdom has gone to seed. In his age, he has become an ascetic — forsaking all worldly pursuits with the exceptions of botany and gravedigging.” ~ Wylie Beckert

Wicked Kingdom Playing Cards: The King of Hearts

Wicked-Kingdom-Playing-Cards-by-Wylie-Beckert-King-of-Hearts-ud Wicked-Kingdom-Playing-Cards-by-Wylie-Beckert-King-of-Hearts-bw-ud

“THE KING OF HEARTS, as the current pretender is known. Stepson to the old king, who was prudent and just, the new king – regrettably – takes after his mother. A hedonist and a worshipper of strange gods, he has a keen eye for inner beauty and a host of unusual appetites.” ~ Wylie Beckert

Wicked Kingdom Playing Cards: The King of Clubs

Wicked-Kingdom-Playing-Cards-by-Wylie-Beckert-King-of-Clubs-ud Wicked-Kingdom-Playing-Cards-by-Wylie-Beckert-King-of-Clubs-bw-ud

“THE KING OF CLUBS, whose kingdom’s enduring peace was bought with steel and blood. The few remaining souls who have faced his armies on the field of battle tell strange stories of teeth and claws, of warriors who eat human flesh and wear the skins of fabulous beasts.” ~ Wylie Beckert

Wicked Kingdom Playing Cards: The King of Diamonds



“THE KING OF DIAMONDS, seeker of knowledge and bringer of light. Alongside his laboratories and the unimaginable libraries contained within, all other wonders of the four kingdoms pale.” ~ Wylie Beckert

Painting Process Video: Her Other Artwork – Tam Lin

This video represents about 40 hours of painting, with an additional 20 hours or so (not captured) devoted to the initial pencil underdrawing.

This blog thanks all above mentioned sources from the bottom of its soft heart for some information and pictures. All rights belong to its owners.


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