DeviantART: Joker by Karen and Sara (TheUrbanTeam)

19 Jun

Two artists from Mexico, Karen & Sara (TheUrbanTeam), designed this Joker. Their inspiration from anime seems obvious. Young ladies made him quite cocky. It’s interesting what he has in his right hand. Anyway, if you even have two aces, don’t hold cards in such way playing any game with people – they can lose their interest to cards and knead their muscles.

© Karen and Sara (TheUrbanTeam) 2013

Joker by Karen and Sara (TheUrbanTeam)









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2 responses to “DeviantART: Joker by Karen and Sara (TheUrbanTeam)

  1. John Edelson - joker collector

    04.06.2017 at 03:49

    That’s a gorgeous joker. All the traditional elements (jester hat, jester clothes, cards) in a modern attitude-rich joker. I like it. Got one for my collection?

    • Collector

      05.06.2017 at 13:30

      I think this one is just their artwork (poster).


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