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Playing Card Art: Music Playing Cards by Sydney James

Several playing cards designed by Sydney James are dedicated to different musicians and singers.

I started this series because I wanted to pay true homage to the musicians that have inspired movements, modified cultures and made music history. “Once I started the paintings, the concept of the combination of playing card designs with the likeness of each artist made more sense. The musicians I chose to paint have already been deemed icons. I just married those icons with the existing iconography of the modern day playing card.” ~ © 2007 Sydney James

I can confidently recognize only several persons. You can help with your comments.

The King of Spades


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Bēhance: Rockcards by Abhishek Choudhury

Fun playing cards with our favourite music idols. Once during a class lecture I got struck by thought of how our favourite musicians have nicknames similar to the cards in a deck. A series of illustrations as a tribute to my favourite music legends.” ~ Abhishek Choudhury


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