Bēhance: Rockcards by Abhishek Choudhury

08 Mar

Fun playing cards with our favourite music idols. Once during a class lecture I got struck by thought of how our favourite musicians have nicknames similar to the cards in a deck. A series of illustrations as a tribute to my favourite music legends.” ~ Abhishek Choudhury



Elvis Presley is often referred to the “King of Rock and Roll” or as “the King” – The King of Hearts (Love Me Tender).

Michael Jackson – The Jack of Diamonds (Thriller) Actually he is often referred to as the “King of Pop”. So I think he can be The King of Spades or Clubs in a Music Stars Deck (Rockcards?).

Freddie Mercury was a British musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Queen – The Queen of Spades (Live at Wembley Stadium).

Overall these are nice.


Benny Goodman  – The King of Swing (The King of Diamonds) ?

John Coltrane – The King of Jazz (The King of Spades) ?

Ella Fitzgerald – The Quenn of Jazz (The Queen of Clubs) ?

Whitney Houston – The Queen of Soul, The Queen of Pop (The Queen of Spades) ?

It will be easier with alive people.


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