Kickstarter: Bicycle Synthesis Playing Cards by Erik Dahlman (Albino Dragon)

08 Mar

Man. Machine. Transcendence. This is the newest Bicycle deck from Albino Dragon. Printed by the USPCC.


Shane Tyree (the artist) and I (Erik Dahlman, CEO of Albino Dragon) have worked on a lot of projects together, but recently we are probably best known for our successful Call of Cthulhu and The White Rabbit decks.

Now we’ve moved onto one of our favorite genres: cyberpunk! Nothing like melding man and machine for some truly stunning visuals, and Shane has nailed it once again.

Taking the lessons that we learned from the previous projects and building on the great community support that we found here, we look forward to providing another top tier product to our backers. The Synthesis Deck is sure to be our best deck yet.” ~ Albino Dragon

The Synthesis playing card deck – 56 poker-sized cards with custom faces that bring our vision of our cyberpunk dreams to life. There will be two editions of this deck: Red and Blue.

Depending on your pledge level, your deck(s) may include some or all of the following features

  • Intricately designed playing card backs
  • One of a kind court cards
  • Unique tuck box
  • Every playing card is based on the Cyberpunk genre
  • Custom Jokers
  • Magic finish that allows cards to handle smoothly & last longer than cheaper playing card decks
  • Unique gaff card with multiple uses for card tricks
  • A double-backed gaff card


You could pledge here: 

[FUNDED April 25, 2013]


Bicycle_Synthesis-Box Bicycle_Synthesis_Box_2Bicycle_Synthesis-The_Ace_of_Spades Bicycle_Synthesis_The_Ace_of_Hearts_1Bicycle_Synthesis-The_Ace_of_ClubsBicycle_Synthesis-The_Ace_of_Diamonds


Bicycle_Synthesis-The_Jack_of_Spades Bicycle_Synthesis-The_King_of_Spades


Old The King of Hearts


New The King of Hearts



Bicycle_Synthesis-The_Jack_of_ClubsBicycle_Synthesis-The_Queen_of_Clubs Bicycle_Synthesis-The_King_of_Clubs



Old The Queen of Diamonds


New The Queen of Diamonds


Old Number Cards


New Number Cards



Bicycle_Synthesis_Joker_1 Bicycle_Synthesis_Joker_2

Old Back (Blue)


New Backs (Red and Blue)



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