Kickstarter: GRID 2.0 Bicycle Playing Cards by 4PM DESIGNS

08 Mar

The follow up deck to THE GRID by 4PM DESIGNS. 56 fully custom cards, printed by the USPCC on Bee paper stock with UV INK – GRID 2.0 Bicycle Playing Cards.


“THE GRID was the debut playing card deck from 4PM DESIGNS. Inspired by a digital world full of vibrant light and circuitry. This deck took on a life of its own and now it’s time to reboot! Taking our experiences on THE GRID we have now upgraded and redesigned this deck from the ground up to bring you an entire new experience. For those who took the journey with us on THE GRID, we welcome you back! For newcomers about to enter for the first time, hope you enjoy the ride. The GRID 2.0 has been uploaded and ready to begin!” ~ 4PM DESIGNS


Consisting of 56 cards, this deck is manufactured by the USPCC® with their world famous Bicycle® Brand.


  • UV (Black light) Ink with Hidden Designs
  • BICYCLE Branding 
  • BEE Premium Casino Paper Stock 
  • Custom White USPCC Seal
  • Magic Finish 
  • 2 Gaff Cards 
  • Custom Face, Courts and Jokers 
  • Multiple Hidden UV Reveals
  • QR Code Reveal
  • Barcode Reveal


 “One of our most exciting features is the usage of Ultraviolet Inks. Put a UV light next to these cards are watch what was once white, now glow! Along with our Ultraviolet Inked back design, we have a very unique, never done before design element. At first glance you see the standard faces we have designed for the Grid 2.0, but upon placing a UV light over the card you will see the decks most unique secret feature…a secondary design. This secondary design illuminates the face of the cards and shows you just how deep the world of the Grid can go. With this element we have even gone deeper! Place your cards under a UV light to find hidden UV reveals within certain cards. There are 3 Hidden UV Reveals throughout the 56 cards, excluding Gaff Cards.” ~ 4PM DESIGNS


You could pledge here: [Funded – Apr 26, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Friday Apr 26, 3:53pm EDT.
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Playing cards in UV (Ultraviolet light)
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