Fournier: Discovery and Colonisation of America Playing Cards

07 Mar

Discovery and Colonisation of America Playing Cards printed by Fournier in 1954, produced by Luis Ortiz Munoz, designed by Ricardo Summer Serny (España Imperial Playing Cards). This playing cards are dedicated to Colonisation of America. I assume them to be an addition to the book “Baraja histórica descubridores y colonizadores de América” (text – Luis Ortiz Munoz, illustrations – Ricardo Summers Serny).


TC marzo 023TC marzo 038d03001sAd03001s2d03001s3d03001s4d03001s5d03001s6d03001s7d03001s8d03001s9d03001s10d03001sJd03001sQd03001sKd03001hAd03001h2d03001h3d03001h4d03001h5d03001h6d03001h7d03001h8d03001h9d03001h10d03001hJd03001hQd03001hKd03001cAd03001c2d03001c3d03001c4d03001c5d03001c6d03001c7d03001c8d03001c9d03001c10d03001cJd03001cQd03001cKd03001dAd03001d2d03001d3d03001d4d03001d5d03001d6d03001d7d03001d8d03001d9d03001d10d03001dJd03001dQd03001dK


Jokers are from different editions



Golden edges

TC marzo 011


This blog thanks Oksana Kovalenko, and World Web Playing Card Museum from the bottom of its soft heart for the pictures of these playing cards and some information about them.


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