Kickstarter: Bicycle Elements Playing Cards by Candace Bonsteel

20 Mar

The Elements Playing Card Deck designed by Candace Bonsteel. Inspired by the four elements of nature and printed by the USPCC.


This unique deck of cards is inspired by the elements of nature! It combines the excitement and visual beauty of custom, hand-drawn illustrations with the simplicity and familiarity of a standard playing card. Each card is designed to play with the ease and quick recognizably of your basic decks of cards, without sacrificing the quality of each illustration.

Each character is designed with personality and style! The colors used  help the cards to feel familiar while the art itself sets them apart, making the deck an exciting new edition to your game nights!” ~ Candace Bonsteel

All 54 cards uniquely designed:

  • 12 face cards, each with a unique character
  • 1 eyed king of diamonds
  • 1 eyed jacks of hearts and spades
  • 2 customized Jokers
  • 4 customized aces

You could pledge here: 

[Funding Unsuccessful]

This project will only be funded if at least $8,500 is pledged by Monday Apr 15, 1:59am EDT.


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