Kickstarter: Voyager Bicycle Playing Cards by The Other Look

13 Apr

Voyager Bicycle Playing Card Deck, designed by Bill Collins (The Other Look). Inspired by early history playing cards. The Voyager deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company and will be branded with the Bicycle© logo.


Voyager deck will be printed on Bicycle© grade paper and will consist of 40 number cards, 12 custom court cards, 2 Jokers, 1 double backer and 1 special gaff card. Custom court cards are morden variations of the  classical Belgian-Genoese Pattern wich to a certain extent is similar to the classical French Pattern.

You could pledge here: 

[Funded – May 30, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $12,000 is pledged by Thursday May 30, 9:03pm EDT.

Voyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_The_Ace_of_Spades Voyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_AcesVoyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_HeartsVoyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_1 Voyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_2 Voyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_SpadesVoyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_ClubsVoyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_DiamondsVoyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_3 Voyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_JokersVoyager_Bicycle_Playing_Cards_Large


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