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Preview: ChiTAG 2014 Limited Edition Playing Cards

The Chicago Toy & Game Group is a family of industry initiatives designed to encourage and promote the power and joy of invention in social, educational, and professional environments. It consists of people with active stand who organize different events with above mentioned aims in their mind.

One of their initiatives is Chicago Toy & Game (ChiTAG) Fair. It was founded in 2003, and is the largest toy and game fair in the U.S. open to public. ChiTAG brings together consumers, families, inventors, manufacturers, retailers, educators, hobbyists, and the media, at the start of the holiday season, to play, celebrate, discover, support, and promote the creation of toys and games.

The International Toy & Game Inventor and Industry Conference (T&GCon) was also founded in 2008, and is their other initiative. This is the “industry’s original, preeminent, most comprehensive conference available to toy and game inventors and seasoned industry professionals from around the world”.

So, every November, ChiTAG produces four days packed with events that celebrate play, and the entrepreneurs who make toys and games. This year isn’t exclusion. They will have their events on November 20-23, 2014 (check their page and connected links).

This time ChiTAG decided to create some special keepsake for some of T&GCon. A talented American illustrator, Joshua Perry (SiteTwitter ♥ DribbbleBehance), was commissioned to create this unique set of playing cards for the Chicago Toy and Game Group.

ChiTAG 2014 LE Playing Cards: The Queen of Spades & The King of Spades


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