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Card Experiment: Bicycle Dream Playing Cards

Card Experiment, the producer of Bicycle Asura playing cards, Babel playing cards, Utopia Playing Cards, Anicca playing cards, is going to produce its new decks of playing cards – Bicycle Dream Playing Cards: Gold and Silver Editions. It opens a pre-order period on its site (expected delivery date: mid-December).

“The phantasmagoric nature of the Sandman’s realm permeates the design of the Dream deck. The blurring of boundaries between the real and the imaginary is captured by clever blending of contrasting elements which seems, at the same time, both natural and unnatural. Dreams are mysterious. Dreams are fantastical. Dreams have infinite possibilities.” ~ Card Experiment

These decks are the result of a collaboration between Card Experiment and Chatchanok Wongvachara (Bangkok, Thailand). She is an artist and musician, also known as Pink (no, she isn’t an American singer). The lady grew up in an artistic family, and was given a lot of guidance by her father and her brother. Chatchanok enjoys to combine illustration elements with photography, for instance, or employ handicraft techniques in her work.


Bicycle-Dream-Playing-Cards-Gold-Box Bicycle-Dream-Playing-Cards-Silver-Box

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DeviantART: Seasons Playing Cards by Schreiend

These playing cards were created by the Australian artist, Schreiend.  She prepared them for her Art Final (I assume this is some school project). Four suits – for seasons. The seasons concept is quite popular for playing cards. Here is some type of anime style. Interesting approach was applied to Jacks. Indices aren’t traditional and reflect appropriate seasons.

  • Spring- Hearts;
  • Summer- Diamonds;
  • Autumn- Clubs;
  • Winter- Spades

© Schreiend 2007

Seasons Playing Cards: Queens


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