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Kickstarter: The Four Seasons Playing Cards by Ace Collectable Cards

Ace Collectable Cards (Justin) designed a deck of playing cards, The Four Seasons, to celebrate the four seasons. The four suits of it represent a different time of year while the standard fifty two card deck is used to represent each week of the year. This deck will have also four Jokers representing each season and devoted to four chosen backers of this Kickstarter campaign. All elements of this deck are custom. The designer tried to incorporate a lot of classic symbols of appropriate seasons into each suit of it. Courts resulted to be very emotional characters.

The Four Seasons playing cards are planned to be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC).

“There is no season such delight can bring,
As summer, autumn, winter, and the spring.”
~ William Browne*, “Variety” (1630)


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DeviantART: Seasons Playing Cards by Schreiend

These playing cards were created by the Australian artist, Schreiend.  She prepared them for her Art Final (I assume this is some school project). Four suits – for seasons. The seasons concept is quite popular for playing cards. Here is some type of anime style. Interesting approach was applied to Jacks. Indices aren’t traditional and reflect appropriate seasons.

  • Spring- Hearts;
  • Summer- Diamonds;
  • Autumn- Clubs;
  • Winter- Spades

© Schreiend 2007

Seasons Playing Cards: Queens


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Playing Card Art: Royal Seasons #2 Playing Cards by Ricky Linn

Ricky Linn’s first version of Royal Seasons playing cards has already been featured on pages of this site. The artist rethought the concept. He is designing new Royal Seasons #2 playing cards dedicated to his interpretation of classic Anglo-French court cards.

Each suit still carries a season theme: Clubs – spring; Hearts – summer; Spade – fall; Diamond – winter. Complete deck to come at the end of 2014.

© Ricky Linn 2014

Royal Seasons #2 Playing Cards: The King of Clubs


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Playing Card Art: Royal Seasons Playing Cards by Ricky Linn

A series of twelve illustrations of playing card royals designed by Ricky Linn. Each suit carries a season theme.

  • Clubs: Spring
  • Hearts: Summer
  • Spade: Fall [Autumn]
  • Diamond: Winter

© Ricky Linn

Royal Seasons Playing Cards: Clubs – Spring: Jack – Queen – King


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