Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Tímea Terenyei

04 Dec

These are playing card sketches created by a Hungarian artist, Tímea Terenyei. She has finished Spades, Hearts and Diamonds. These can be produced as real playing cards. Each suit of this deck has its own theme: a) Spades are tropical creatures; b) Hearts are ocean creatures; c) Clubs will be wild animals of forests; d) Diamonds are polar creatures. All cards were painted with watercolors.

© Tímea Terenyei 2014

The Queen of Hearts



The Jack of Spades

(some tropic frog)


The King of Diamonds



Playing Cards by Tímea Terenyei : Diamonds – Spades – Hearts

The Jack of Diamonds – a penguin; The Queen of Diamonds – a polar bear; The Queen of Spades – Toucan; The King of Spades – a cheetah; The Jack of Hearts – a hippocampus (sea-horse); The King of Hearts – an octopus.





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One response to “Playing Card Art: Playing Cards by Tímea Terenyei

  1. Desain Logo

    01.01.2015 at 17:17

    It’s very creative card. Thanks for sharing


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