Kickstarter: Story Time Playing Cards by Eny Space Captain

30 Jan

Story Time Playing Cards is a very specific playing card project covering 54 unique artworks by Eny. Shuffling these cards, you will be able to contemplate 54 paintings of characters from various stories, including fairy tales, folklore, and mythology. Each card has its own story – from Aphrodite to Aladdin, from Cinderella to Ra, etc.

The cards are planned to be printed by Make Playing Cards.


This deck is a realization of her childhood fantasies about own deck of playing cards. So, it is symbolical that her art style proposes such a childlike visualization of significant. Mature artist tries to see them through the eyes of a little girl full of natural naivety, curiosity, and endless trust in good. All ladies are princesses, boys are their princes, and animals are their friends endowed with reason and speech.

Eny decided to summarize various stories and their characters in one deck of playing cards… her deck of playing cards. All such stories and characters are parts of different cultures (in the broadest sense) from all over the world. Thus, all playing cards have some religious, folklore or mythological background. Each image was painted on a 5″ x 7″ canvas in a mixture of media and then photographed and altered in Photoshop to add borders and card indices.

Story Time Playing Cards


This deck isn’t intended for hard poker nights or unbelievable card tricks and routines. It’s a completely different planet. It’s about our desire to rethink fixed notions from different angles, experiment with different perceptions of the world. Playing card format is just a relative system of axes in this particular case.

Some additional variations of this deck are available as stretch goals – see and read below.

The decks:

  • 54 custom playing cards with absolutely different faces;
  • 52 traditional cards + 2 jokers;
  • Poker size;
  • Plastic hinged box;
  • Card stock: 310 gsm, linen (pillow-texture);
  • Minimal run – 100 decks;
  • Will be printed by Make Playing Cards.


You could pledge here:

[FUNDED – February 15, 2015]

You can try to find these playing cards HERE.

Find Eny’s collection of stories about featured characters HERE.

Story Time Playing Cards: Back Design & Aces


Story Time Playing Cards: List of Characters


Ace of Spades – Cinderella
02 – Hansel and Gretel
03 – The Gold Children
04 – Selene and Endymion
05 – Boto Encantado
06 – The Disobedient Daughter Who Married a Skull
07 – Oya
08 – The Princess in Disguise
09 – Peter Pan
10 – The Giant and the Tailor
Jack of Spades – Jack O’Lantern
Queen of Spades – The Snow Queen
King of Spades – Ra

Story Time Playing Cards: Spades


Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Spades Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Spades


Ace of Hearts – Aphrodite
02 – Snow-White and Rose-Red
03 – Hecate
04 – The Little Mermaid
05 – The Bear and the Fox
06 – Inanna (Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld)
07 – Lakshmi
08 – Atargatis
09 – Little Red Riding Hood
10 – The Princess and the Pea
Jack of Hearts – Aladdin
Queen of Hearts – Through the Looking-Glass
King of Hearts – Psyche and Cupid

Story Time Playing Cards: Hearts


Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Hearts Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Hearts


Ace of Clubs – Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
02 – Beauty and the Beast
03 – Goldilocks and the Three Bears
04 – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
05 – Sleeping Beauty
06 – Persephone (The Rape of Persephone)
07 – Chang’e
08 – Selkie
09 – Heracules
10 – The Wonderful Glass
Jack of Clubs – Jack and the Beanstalk
Queen of Clubs – Thumbelina
King of Clubs – Jack and Jill

Story Time Playing Cards: Clubs


Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Clubs Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Clubs


Ace of Diamonds – Alice in Wonderland
02 – Adam and Eve
03 – Mary Had a Little Lamb
04 – Little Miss Muffet
05 – The Rainbow Serpent
06 – Noppera-bou
07 – Asherah
08 – The Stag at the Pool
09 – The Fox Sister
10 – Rapunzel
Jack of Diamonds – Rumpelstiltskin
Queen of Diamonds – The Frog Princess
King of Diamonds – Arachne

Story Time Playing Cards: Diamonds


Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Diamonds Story-Time-Playing-Cards-by-Eny-Space-Captain-Diamonds


01 – The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf!’
02 – The Rabbit of the Moon

Story Time Playing Cards: Jokers


OOAK decks

Eny invented some decks as stretch goals. She promises that these decks will only be produced once. There will be two categories of OOAK deck: a) theme chosen by the artist; b) theme chosen by a backer. Only the court cards will have full paintings. The pip cards of OOAK decks will be made to match the cards.

Story Time Playing Cards: OOAK decks




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