2015 [week 12] – Upcoming Decks

01 Apr
  1. LUXX Playing Cards: Shadow (Second) Edition [presumedly May 30th, 2015]


1. LUXX Playing Cards: Shadow (Second) Edition

PCC-Badge-What PCC-Badge-When PCC-Badge-Postponed
  • will be produced;
  • pre-orders will start April 30th, 2015;
  • were released.
May 30th, 2015
PCC-Badge-Who PCC-Badge-Printer
JP Playing Cards (Paul Middleton) LPCC
Paul Middleton, the owner of JP Playing Cards, decided to go on with the series of LUXX Playing Cards designed by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards) for his company. The first pair in this series was successful. So, now we can expect silver and gold shining in the darkness – LUXX Playing Cards: Shadow (Second) Edition. We can expect Metallic Gold and Silvers on backs and Metallic Gold and Reds on faces. All colours in faces of court cards will be slightly tweaked in comparison with the first edition of LUXX decks. The decks will be printed by the Legends Playing Card Company. 500 of each LUXX Shadow Edition deck will have a holographic seal, and will be sold during the pre-order stage only or part of bricks later on. A special brick box will be produced to hold 12 decks. The brick boxes will be free for purchases of split bricks and multi bricks (3 orange v1, 3 blue v1, 3 gold v2, 3 silver v2). Also Paul has plans to turn “LUXX” into his brand for playing cards which means that we can expect more interesting decks under the LUXX umbrella. Note, the early proofs are on pictures.

LUXX Playing Cards: Shadow Edition – Tuck Case (Gold)


LUXX Playing Cards: Shadow Edition – Court Cards


LUXX Playing Cards: Shadow Edition – Back Designs


LUXX Playing Cards: Shadow Edition – Brick Box


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