Kickstarter Digest #1: New Playing Card Projects Waiting for Your Support

02 Jun

PlayingCardCollector.NET regularly tries to cover the most interesting playing card projects (choices are always subjective) on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms. Unfortunately, alternative crowdfunding platforms don’t involve a lot of playing card projects, so Kickstarter remains some type of mecca for independent playing card producers.

Traditionally the most interesting playing card projects are demonstrated on the “CROWDFUNDING DECKS” page and have their short introduction on the active pages devoted to different crowdfunding platforms. For active Kickstarter projects this is the “Kickstarter Projects” page.

Unfortunately, any changes on the above mentioned pages can’t be automatically reported unlike new posts on PlayingCardCollector.NET. So, only readers who regularly check appropriate pages can find out about new featured Kickstarter playing card projects before a separate post devoted to such project. Regular readers of PlayingCardCollector.NET know that the site tries to propose them extended interesting articles about appropriate playing card projects. It’s clear that such articles demand time and can’t be always posted at the start of each specific playing card project on Kickstarter.

This little collision has been disturbing PlayingCardCollector.NET for some time. The site always thinks about its usability, and tries to provide its readers, its main fortune, with reasonable comfort. That’s why a new category has been invented – “Kickstarter Digest”. This sort of posts should promptly cover all new Kickstarter playing card projects featured on PlayingCardCollector.NET. They will name the projects featured on the “Kickstarter Projects” page.  It doesn’t abolish extended materials 🙂

So, look below at these new projects and check the “Kickstarter Projects” page.

  1. Bicycle Celtic Myth 3d Edition Playing Cards by Cultúrlán Enterprises

The third deck in the series devoted to Celtic myths. These decks are one of the most culturally richest decks of playing cards.

Bicycle-Celtic-Myth-3d-Edition-Playing-Cards-by-Culturlan-Enterprises-on-Kickstarter Bicycle-Celtic-Myth-3d-Edition-Playing-Cards-by-James-Acken

Bicycle Celtic Myth Playing Cards – The King of Clubs: 1st Edition – 2nd Edition – 3d Edition


  1. Omnia Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries (Giovanni Meroni)

These are some combination of ancient symbolism and traditional playing cards from successful playing card designer.

Omnia-Playing-Cards-by-Thirdway-Industries-on-Kickstarter Omnia-Oscura-Playing-Cards-by-Thirdway-Industries-Diamonds Omnia-Illumina-Playing-Cards-by-Thirdway-Industries-Joker


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