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Playing Cards and Art: Paper Dolls + Decked Out Playing Cards by Kwei-Lin Lum

Kwei-Lin Lum designed paper dolls representing four classic suits of playing cards: Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. Also a deck of playing card was designed (a project) as a collection of outfits for the figures. Each playing card has an outfit for appropriate doll.

© 2009 Kwei-Lin Lum

Paper Dolls


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The “Kwadro Kwin” by Otto Bjornik

The “Kwadro Kwin” by Otto Bjornik. These are 4 queen sisters named Qortni, Quilla, Qiana, and Quarta. Bjornik plans on releasing a 3” Kwadro Kwin set sometime in January 2013.

It has been written that ‘War is the trade of kings.’  But we all know that behind every great king, there lies an even more powerful queen.  This is the story of four sisters who were each destined for royalty.  They were the beautiful daughters of a wealthy nobleman who lived in the Center Valley.  They spent their days playing spirited rounds of mahjong and betting against each other in lively, trash-talk-laden games of marbles.
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