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DeviantART: Playing Cards by weirdo-mess

These playing card artworks were created by a Finnish artist, weirdo-mess (nickname). I guess they are devoted to some kind of demons or satyrs. Don’t be surprised. In accordance with Greek mythology in 6th-century BC, human legs were common for satyrs.  They acquired their goat-like aspect through later Roman conflation with Faunus, a half-men, half-goats in Roman mythology. Satyrs became nearly identical with fauns under the influence of Roman mythology. So, satyrs commonly described in Latin literature as having the upper half of a man and the lower half of a goat, with a goat’s tail in place of the Greek tradition of horse-tailed satyrs

© weirdo-mess 2012



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DeviantART: The Queen of Spades by Araniel

The Queen of Spades designed by a British artist, Araniel. Such la femme fatale for any tax officer in Great Britain.

© Araniel 2008

The Queen of Spades







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INKJAVA Playing Cards by Ïve Bastrash

This deck of Playing Cards designed by talanted Canadian artist Ïve Bastrash.

“The very first and sublime playing card deck released by the Inkjava card shoppe! Discover four fantastic worlds through 54 cards featuring artworks emerging right from the imaginative mind of artist Ïve Bastrash. Sail the Seven Seas with its mythical aquatic creatures; cross the desert dunes and avoid its mischievous fauna; explore the dungeon of a medieval kingdom with its lunatic populace and scout through the jungles of a lost world without falling into the claws of the carnivorous indigenes! Suitable for every card game and players of all ages ready for an homeric voyage!” ~ Inkjava.


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