Moresca Playing Cards by Moresca Clothing and Costume

21 Mar

Moresca Playing Cards produced by Moresca Clothing and Costume.


Get yourself behind a Royal straight flush! A very playable set of decks, each one featuring different courts, aces, and four jokers from our 30-year photo archives. They are standard bridge-canasta size, available as single decks, red or green, or as a set containing both. Boxed in black “suede” with our logo in gold on the front. You may even know some of the people! One size, Single box dimensions: 2.75″ x 4″, Double box dimensions: 5″ x 4″.” ~ Moresca Clothing and Costumes

04-joker-304-extra-joker 03-joker-202-joker-1 g-04-jack_spadesg-03-jack_hearts g-01-jack_clubsg-02-jack_diam0onds g-08-queen_spadesg-07-queen_hearts g-05-queen_clubsg-06-queen_diamonds g-11-king_heartsg-09-king_clubs g-10-king_diamonds01-Green-backg-15-ace_spadesg-14-ace_hearts g-13-ace_clubsg-14-ace_diamonds10_spades10_hearts 10_clubs10_diamondsr-05-extra-jokerr-04-joker-3 r-03-joker-2r-02-joker-1 r-09-jack_spadesr-08-jack_hearts r-06-jack_clubsr-07-jack_diamonds r-13-queen_spadesr-12-queen_hearts r-10-queen_clubsr-11-queen_diamonds r-16-king_spadesr-17-king-hearts r-14-king_clubsr-15-king_diamondsr-21-ace_spadesr-20-ace_hearts r-18-ace_clubsr-19-ace_diamondsr-01-red-back


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