Kickstarter: Pippoglyph II Playing Cards by BentCastle Workshops

28 Mar

A lavish reinterpretation of a classic deck of playing cards created by BentCastle Workshops. BentCastle Workshops decided to be true to their traditions and is going to produce 60 card decks. So they restarted their Kickstarter compaign dedicated to the second edition of Pippoglyph.


Art in playing cards. That’s where this deck began back in 2004. Since then, we at Bent Castle have learned quite a bit about the subtle do’s-and-dont’s of card design. This will be our 5th deck, and although it has strong roots in the past, this incarnation of the Pippoglyph concept takes all the passion of the first deck and refines it.

Featured are the beautiful suit interpretations. These card graphics are highlighted and fully incorporated into the adornments in all the court cards. Using the suit symbols in this way makes for much greater visual relationships within each suit.

Ours are 60 card decks printed on top quality linen stock. Quality is very important to us and while do use printers from all over the world, we only use the best. Our 60 card decks consist of the standard 52 plus 4 X cards (one in each suit), two Jokers, a double backed card and a blank. We developed this mixture to make ALL our fans happy. Card players, gamers, magicians and collectors have all appreciated this mix.” ~ BentCastle Workshops

You could pledge here: [Funded –  Jun 23, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $8,500 is pledged by Sunday Jun 23, 9:27am EDT.


Old X Diamonds Card


New X Cards


New Joker



2nd Edition – 1st Edition



Pictures of the 1st Edition (the deck doesn’t have X Cards at all):

This blog thanks World Web Playing Card Museum from the bottom of its soft heart for the pictures.

Pippoglyph Playing Cards by BentCastle Workshops: Tuck Case

Pippoglyph-Playing-Cards-by-BentCastle-Workshops-box Pippoglyph-Playing-Cards-by-BentCastle-Workshops-box-2


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