Bēhance: Cats Royale Playing Cards by Gerad Taylor

29 Mar

These decks have been produced as real decks of playing cards. Contact the artist in case of your interest.

An unpublished series of playing cards featuring cats as royalty through the ages.” ~ Gerad Taylor

Cats Royale Playing Cards by Gerad Taylor


All pictures are clickable

Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Ace-of-Spades Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Joker

Cats Royale Playing Cards by Gerad Taylor: Kings

Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-King-of-Spades Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-King-of-Hearts Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-King-of-Clubs Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-King-of-Diamonds

Cats Royale Playing Cards by Gerad Taylor: Queens

Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Queen-of-Spades Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Queen-of-SpadesCats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Queen-of-Clubs Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Queen-of-Diamonds

Cats Royale Playing Cards by Gerad Taylor: Jacks

Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Queen-of-Spades Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Queen-of-Hearts Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Jack-of-Clubs Cats-Royale-Playing-Cards-by-Gerad-Taylor-Jack-of-Diamonds

The artist also designed Dogs Royale playing cards.



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4 responses to “Bēhance: Cats Royale Playing Cards by Gerad Taylor

  1. lucie poulin

    09.07.2020 at 22:34

    can we still buy these cats royale cards somewhere??

    • Collector

      20.07.2020 at 22:32

      I believe only eBay will help at this moment.

    • Gerad

      21.07.2020 at 00:34

      Sorry these cards never actually went into production.

  2. Gerad

    07.07.2013 at 00:13

    These are now available for pre-order at
    as I am doing a limited edition print run of them.
    Gerad Taylor


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