Kickstarter: Hardwood Playing Cards by Bibelot Games

08 Apr

Real wood playing cards! Shuffleable, playable, beautiful. LASER created, Limited Edition WOOD cards with leather cases!


Playing cards are real playing cards and are suitable for friendly card games, shuffling, house building, card tossing, and many other activities.

Hardwood Playing Cards are created from super thin veneers which are built with 3 layers: Laser etched Okoumé hardwood for the fronts, a themed hardwood for the backs, and an acrylic core to bond them together.

Each card measures 2.5″ wide x 3.5″ tall x 0.04″ thick and showcases the natural beauty of real wood, imperfections and all – something you can’t get from a printed “wood-grain” pattern! The card fronts are laser etched, adding depth and tactile bliss, while the backs are left blank to showcase the unique patterns, markings, and coloration of each card. A clear wood sealer is used to protect the finished cards, and they are treated with a lavender-enhanced mineral oil to create a truly luxurious sensory indulgence.

There will be several different editions of playing cards.

You could pledge here: 

[Funded – May 2, 2013]

This project will be funded if at least $900 is pledged by Thursday May 2, 11:00pm EDT.

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