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This Blog about This Blog: 300,000 Times Interesting for People

10.000, 50.000, 100,000, now more than 300.000. Yes, the “PLAYING CARDS + ART = COLLECTING” blog has been interesting for people more than 300.000 times.

This post could have other name and date. I made notes of my 1st month, 3d month and half a year on WordPress. You could logically expect “One Year on WordPress” (February 03, 2014). Well, man proposes but God disposes. Unfortunately I had to stop my activity on this site for some period of time. We all have different challenges of life.  So, I don’t think that there is any sense to specify my own challenges here. This blog isn’t about them. Sorry that I have left you without new posts on my site for some time.

On the other hand it is pleasant to see that a lot of readers and followers on different social media resources haven’t lost their interest in this site and have kept their following. The blog got attention from new readers as there were no new posts but there were a lot of new visitors. There was no single day without visitors. I also noticed (due to the internal link statistics of the site) that this site is already used as some type of reference library in the field of playing card collecting. Nice. Thank you for your constant interest. It invigorates. I will go on with my site (blog) and its development no matter what. Step by step…

The whole menu of site was extended and improved. A lot of new (previously planned) sections have been added to it. Even “ABOUT ME” page has been rewritten and updated. Some sections are still “under construction”.

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