2015 [week 9] – Upcoming Decks

10 Mar
  1. Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Decks [March 12th, 2015 12pm EDT]
  2. Antler Playing Cards [March 13th, 2015 at 9AM PST]


1. Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards

PCC-Badge-What PCC-Badge-When PCC-Badge-Postponed
  • will be launched on Kickstarter;
  • was launched on Kickstarter;
  • all decks were funded on Kickstarter.
March 12th, 2015 – 12pm EDT
PCC-Badge-Who PCC-Badge-Printer
Midnight Playing Cards (Randy Butterfield) LPCC
Randy Butterfield (Crown Deck: Luxury Edition, Ornate Playing Cards, Draconian Playing Cards, etc.) is a big fan of bowling. He decided to devote his new custom playing cards to this sport. There will be two decks of Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA: Red and Black. Court cards, backs and number cards will be different in both decks. Clothes of courts have different names of different bowling teams. All names will be unique for each deck. One of the most creative parts of these decks will be number cards. They feature pin bowling variations. The decks are planned to be printed by the Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC).

Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: Tuck Cases


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: The Ace of Spades


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: Court Cards


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: Number Cards


Midnight BOWL-A-RAMA Playing Cards: Joker and Back Designs


2. Antler Playing Cards

PCC-Badge-What PCC-Badge-When PCC-Badge-Postponed
  • will be released;
  • were released.
March 13th, 2015 – 09am PST
PCC-Badge-Who PCC-Badge-Printer
Dan and Dave USPCC
Buck twins, Dan and Dave, are going to release their new “gentleman playing cards” – Antler Playing Cards. Court cards are recoloured classic but vintage courts. Jokers, backs, and the Ace of Spades are custom. These decks are their third (after the Smoke and Mirrors series and Vintage Plaid Playing Cards) “personal” deck. The tuck cases are nice and intricate. There are four editions of this deck – two standard (Hunter Green and Deep Maroon) and two limited (the same names but with two fully colored backs). Decks areprinted by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC).

Antler Playing Cards: Tuck Case

Antler-Playing-Cards-by-Dan-and-Dave-Set Antler-Playing-Cards-by-Dan-and-Dave-Tuck-Case

Antler Playing Cards: Ad Card


This blog thanks all above mentioned sources from the bottom of its soft heart for some information and pictures. All rights belong to its owners.


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