Midnight Cards: ORNATE Playing Cards by Randy Butterfield

03 Mar

This set of decks is designed by Randy Butterfield (Midnight Cards). It’s produced by Midnight Cards in cooperation with the House of Playing Cards (HOPC). The decks printed by USPCC. They were sold on HOPC.


Both decks are the same with the exception of colours of backs and tuck cases.

Poker size. The deck: 52 cards + 2 Jokers + Special double backer card + Ad card.

ornatebox1ornatebox2ornate2ornate3ornate4ornate5SpadeCOURTSHeartCOURTSClubCOURTSDiamondCOURTSOrnateJOKERS (1)ornate6ornate7ORNATEPosterornatebrickboxesornatelast


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