CCC: Bicycle Brimstone Playing Cards by Russell Kercheval

03 Mar

Straight from the fiery pits comes BRIMSTONE playing cards! Sulfur in the air has tainted and twisted the deck into darkness. The back art no longer features cherubs riding bicycles but demons. The court cards are now red fiends with a penchant for gold. The alchemist symbol for brimstone/sulfur is ornately infused with the Ace of Spades to give this deck a completely unique style.” ~ Russell Kercheval (Circle City Cards Company)


The deck:

  • Standard 52 Poker Playing Cards
  • Two Joker Cards (One with Gaff Reveal)
  • Two Gaff Cards (‘Double Backed’ and ‘Falling Diamonds’)
  • Custom Designed Tuck-box
  • Metallic Gold Ink on Every Card
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Limited first run of 2,500 decks  

Included in the deck are three gaff cards and a ‘reveal’ in the barcode:

  • Double Backed  –  A card with the back art printed on both sides.
  • Falling Diamonds  –  You’ve broke the deck, all the diamonds fell down!
  • Reveal  –  Joker holding the Three of Clubs in his hand.
  • Instead of normal barcode numbers, the prediction  ‘0 3-0F-CLU85 0’  is printed.

This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter June 24, 2011.



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