2015 [week 14] – Upcoming Decks

13 Apr
  1. Slam Playing Card Deck [pre-order is active]
  2. Magic Singh Playing Cards [will be available in April 2015]
  3. NoMad Playing Cards [will be available in April 2015]
  4. Dia de los Muertos Second Edition Playing Cards [will be on Kickstarter in April-May 2015]


1. Slam Playing Card Deck by JiMi Agency

PCC-Badge-What PCC-Badge-When PCC-Badge-Postponed
  • pre-order is open now;
  • will be produced;
  • was released.
April 2015
PCC-Badge-Who PCC-Badge-Printer
JiMi Agency (Jin and Miso) A printer in South Korea
JiMi Agency (Jin and Miso), a company located in South Korea, has one successful Kickstarter playing card campaign behind its shoulders – Animalia Playing Cards. It isn’t a big secret that anime and video games are quite popular in South Korea. So, the company devoted its second deck of playing cards, Slam Deck, to parodies of different video game heroes made in anime style. Playing cards are printed on solid cardboard. The deck has 56 playing cards: 52 traditional poker cards, 2 Jokers, 1 Blank Card, and 1 “Extra” King. The back design has the special “Broken Glass” effect which is JiMi’s calling card in the field of custom playing cards. The cards are printed by some printer in South Korea.

Slam Playing Card Deck: Tuck Case – Front


Slam Playing Card Deck: Playing Cards

Slam-Playing-Cards-by-JiMi-Agency Slam-Playing-Cards-by-JiMi-Agency

Slam Playing Card Deck: Back Design


Slam Playing Card Deck: Tuck Case – Back


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