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Bēhance: Irish Legends Playing Cards by Vivian Hansen

These are playing card artworks designed by an American artist, Vivian Hansen. She devoted them to Irish legends and appropriate heroes. The cards feature Cú Chulainn, Queen Méadhbh, Fionn mac Cumhaill, and Áengus. Each character has a story involving some animal. Appropriate animals have been paired with appropriate characters. The stylization is based on the Book of Kells and other illustrated manuscripts featuring Irish myths. Unfortunately, all courts are the same for different suits.

The artist is open for propositions to produce the deck.

© Vivian Hansen 2014

Irish Legends Playing Cards by Vivian Hansen


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Bēhance: Four Horses Playing Cards by Kerri Cordeiro

These playing card artworks are designed by an American artist, Kerri Cordeiro. She created artworks for a full poker deck. Courts feature silhouettes of horses. Horses in queen cards have signs of femininity. The name of these playing cards forces to think that all four jacks, queens and kings should be different. Unfortunately, Kerri hasn’t revealed all court cards.

The strongest part of this pack of playing card artworks is number cards. It’s hard to say how logically enough they are connected with horses, but they are nice semi-transformation playing cards represented by beautiful plants (branches of trees). Unfortunately, the plants don’t have anything common with grass, hay or grains – natural food for horses. So, a “dietetic” connection doesn’t work. But it could. Horses are herbivores and have a unique digestive system which requires a high-fiber diet that is consumed in small amounts over a long time. That’s why they actually spend most of their time eating. Maybe we should accept those plants as some symbolic food for horses.

This is her second pack of playing card artworks. The first one, Monogrammed Playing Cards (now she names it Cocktail playing cards), has been already featured on pages of this site.

© Kerri Cordeiro 2014

Four Horses Playing Cards by Kerri Cordeiro


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Bēhance: “Indianie” (Indian) Playing Cards by Katarzyna Fus

Hardly these playing cards can be practical in their current form, but I couldn’t omit them. Created by a Polish artist, Katarzyna Fus, these are really cute pieces of art devoted to Indian culture. I really like her style for this prototype deck. Court cards represent people. Totem (a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serve as an emblem of a group of people) is in the aces. Number cards and the back design contain imitation of some petroglyphs (arrows and horses). Unfortunately, all number cards have only different appropriate quantity of arrows in their pictures.

Playing cards haven’t been produced. I think they will become more functional with white frameworks around the coloured pictures. Letters and numbers of cards can be also moved outside the pictures. Horses are better to use for number cards instead of backs. Tomahawks (a type of axe from North America) and calumets (a ceremonial smoking pipe used by some indigenous American nations) can vary pictures of number cards of different suits. Different totems for aces will be also nice.

© Katarzyna Fus 2013

Indian Playing Cards by Katarzyna Fus


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Bēhance: Gill Sans Typographic Playing Cards by Steve Abercrombie

Steve Abercrombie, an American artist, designed these Gill Sans Typographic Playing Cards as a project for SCAD’s (Savannah College of Art and Design) typography course.  The task was to create a full set of playing cards based on a specific typeface – classic type of typographic playing cards. Steve used Gill Sans typeface. Playing cards weren’t produced.

© Steve Abercrombie 2014

Gill Sans Typographic Playing Cards: Tuck Case


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Bēhance: Citrus and Christian Mythology Playing Cards by Ana Zuniga

Sometimes artists in their search of various artistic forms and senses try to cross completely different things. Here is an example of this. A Costa Rican artist, Ana Zuniga, crossed her vision of Christian Mythology with… citrus plants.

It’s clear that stained-glass windows are strongly associated by her with Christian Mythology. I subjectively can’t say that these court cards unambiguously reflect Christian Mythology because this isn’t the first thing the pictures make me think about. But they definitely are pleasant artworks reflecting the art of stained-glass windows. She nicely incorporated signs of citrus plants into the design of the playing card artworks. Unfortunately, all court cards are almost the same – only “black” and “red” suits are indicated by main green / light-green and orange colours – lime and tangerine with notes of lemon.

These artworks were her academic work. Playing card has the bridge size. The deck hasn’t been produced.

© Ana Zuniga 2014


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