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DeviantART: The Ace of Clubs by Judyta Anna Murawska

This is a quick drawing from a Polish artist, Judyta Anna Murawska (Fukari). She says that the artwork was “inspired” by boring classes 🙂 This playing card artwork is the one way Ace of Clubs. Taking into account that some “queen of stars” is featured in the card, indices of the Queen of Clubs could be more natural for it. But this is author’s vision. She sees the Ace of Clubs as a dreaming lady – a big admirer of piercing.

© Judyta Anna Murawska (Fukari) 2011

The Ace of Clubs by Judyta Anna Murawska


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DeviantART: Ace of Clubs by Catherine Maguire

The Ace of Clubs (Phoenix of Clubs) designed by the Canadian artist Catherine Maguire (ImperialWhiteDragon). Indices and pips need improvement. Some “clubs” can be incorporated into the picture. But her style is quite interesting, especially for aces.

© Catherine Maguire

[ImperialWhiteDragon’s gallery on DeviantART]

The Ace of Clubs



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