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Bēhance: Aboriginal Playing Cards by Kerstin Loop

These Aboriginal playing cards (art project) were designed by the Australian artist, Kerstin Loop. They are dedicated to some typical life forms of Australia. Kerstin’s approach to small pips on number cards is really interesting. Different sizes and designs of these pips let achieve additional artistic effect.

© Kerstin Loop 2012

Aboriginal Playing Cards: The Ace of Spades


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Bēhance: King of Hearts by Colin Dyte

The King of Hearts designed by the Australian artist, Colin Dyte. Such noble intent gaze and the crown casually placed over his head as a baseball cap of some rapper. This is a funny combination 🙂

© 2013 Colin Dyte







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Playing Card Art: Queen of Skulls by Leigh Kuilboer

The Queen of Skulls designed by the Australian graphic designer Leigh Kuilboer (aka Malicious). The artwork was made in black and white as many other his artworks. © Leigh Kuilboer



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