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Kickstarter: Conquerors Playing Cards by Sin Cards

Funding canceled by the creator.

Playing Cards highlighting the Sins of Conquerors” ~ Sin Cards. They are planned to be printed by USPCC.

My modest opinion (due to the lack of the normal description of this project – conquerors even are not mentioned by name): I think Sin Cards designs pictures much better than explain them. You will not find any sins of conquerors on these playing cards but you will find conquerors themselves on them. Even on The King of Hearts you will find sins of other people but not sins of the conqueror.

Only Kings are demonstrated. The design is nice in most cases. It’s obvious that it exploits the ideas of Pedale Design Playing Cards (see 1, see 2). On the other hand the design of The King of Diamonds is bad from the viewpoint of the beauty of symmetry (but it can be improved). Napoleon (The King of Clubs) and flowerets? Really? Well, maybe. But I think more traditional French patterns will be better. Napoleon isn’t Joséphine. The back design (see the video on Kickstarter) is lazy. Yes, “lazy” not “beautifully simple”.

Sin Cards do know nothing about playing cards for sure. These guys (actually I think there is only one person) also decided do not waste their time even on an elementary research. That is why they do not know who are The King of Diamonds and The King of Clubs. Which is cool for the guys trying to produce playing cards dedicated to historical personalities. Funny. On the other hand this can be fixed very easily.

“Why create Sin Cards” description made me to smile. The main reason of all projects on Kickstarter – money ;). Is it bad? No. But many people feel shy (yes, let’s call it so 🙂 ) to say about it honestly. I am sure this project inspired less by artwork of Pedale Design Playing Cards and more by the funding collected by that  and other playing card projects on Kickstarter.

Taking into account all above mentioned I think it’s better to wait for final designs of all playing cards before pledging your money. In that way you will help to Sin Cards to improve their nice design.


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