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Bēhance: Black Hearted Poker Deck by Raquel Sordi

This deck is a graduate project of the Brazilian artist, Raquel Sordi. Its theme: Universal’s Classic Monsters. Graphic style: Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The author was inspired by Nosferatu’s film poster, Aubrey Beardsley’s illustration, Penguin’s The Picture of Dorian Gray book cover, Si Scott’s illustrations, Dan & Dave Smoke and Mirrors.

  • Spades: Werefolf (Wilfred Glendon); Lisa Glendon; Dr. Yogami.
  • Hearts: Dracula, Mina, Renfield.
  • Clubs: The Monster, Elizabeth, Dr. Henry Frankenstein.
  • Diamonds: The Mummy (Imhotep), Helen Grosvenor, Frank Whemple.

© 2012 Raquel Sordi



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Playing Card Art: Vampire Playing Cards by Agata Kawa

Vampire playing cards designed by Agata Kawa. These are just artworks for the exhibition “Faites vos jeux” at the Galerie l’Art de Rien (2011). © 2011, Agata Kawa

The King of Hearts

Agata_Kawa_Amour_eternel_The_King_of_Hearts_BaW Agata_Kawa_Amour_eternel_The_King_of_Hearts

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