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Bēhance: Queens by Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur is an artist from Orange County, California, US. He was invited to be in a show at The Alternative Cafe with a fun little steampunk theme called “Parasols and Dirigibles” in 2012. He decided to put together a mini series of four paintings based on the queens from a deck of playing cards. Glenn didn’t want them to look traditional so he threw his own twist on the ladies by painting their faces with the suit that each one represents. Glenn adorned their heads in lilies with spade, heart, club, and diamond shaped stamen in place of crowns. He kept their hair and costumes in muted colors with designs, patches, his “G” key and his speciality hummingbirds to match their suits.

Each queen is an 11×14, acrylic on wood painting. © 2012 Glenn Arthur



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