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Bēhance: Joker (Fool) by Sveta Dorosheva

The designer of Fantastique Playing Cards, Sveta Dorosheva (Israel), was commissioned to draw reinterpretation of several Tarot cards. She designed several cards, including this Fool. The Fool can be a nice Joker for classic playing cards, actually. Enjoy these intricate artworks… black and white or coloured.

Artworks weren’t used for cards. They were used for packaging and label.

© Sveta Dorosheva 2013

Joker (Fool) – Black & White


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DeviantART: Sierra Card by Fidoburger

This artwork is created by the American artist, Fidoburger (nickname), and arranged like a playing card. He got his inspiration from the song Sierra by Cursive. Also you can see several Tarot cards designed by the artist.

© Fidoburger 2010

Sierra Card


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Playing Card Art: Queen of Wands by Francesca Buchko

While this blog dedicated mainly to playing cards not Tarots sometimes it’s hard to pass some nice artworks which can be used in classic playing cards as well. This Queen of Wands (watercolour) was designed by Francesca Buchko. She painted it for the Tarot show (2012). You can see different stages of work on her blog and find out more about show on Light Grey Art Lab’s.

My piece took after the actual card quite a bit, but I wanted to focus on the tone and mood of the character in the piece. The Queen of Wands at her best is a social butterfly, amiable and likeable, frequently the center of attention. We don’t have a lot in common, but I can appreciate those traits–they were always something I wanted to have!” ~ Francesca Buchko. © 2012 Francesca Buchko


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Tarots I’d Like to See Converted into Playing Cards: Selection #1

  • Mystic Faerie Tarot; 
  • The Joie de Vivre Tarot;
  • Universal Fantasy Tarot;
  • Crystal Tarot

Tarots I’d like to see converted into playing cards (Category: Tarots ILSCPC).


Lo_Scarabeo_Universal_Fantasy_Tarot_Box              Lo_Scarabeo_Crystal_Tarot_Box

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