Kickstarter: Bicycle White Allure Playing Cards by Noel Quiles

29 Apr

Noel Quiles decided to produce a White version of Bicycle Allure playing cards. This deck should be printed by USPCC (Bicycle stock, Magic finish).


There will be two editions of this deck: White and White Gold.

There will only be 1000 of Limited Edition Gold Tuck Box decks! All the tuck boxes will have a special custom foil seal which will be numbers 1-1000 and the first 350 of these deck will be signed by the designer.

You could pledge here: [Funded – May 25, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $15,000 is pledged by Saturday May 25, 12:00pm EDT.

Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_Boxes Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_Gold_Box Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_Box Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_2 Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_Joker Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_The_Ten_of_Spades Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_The_Six_of_Hearts Bicycle_White_Allure_Playing_Cards_Uncut


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