Kickstarter: Native Art Playing Cards by Rico Worl

23 May

A deck of playing cards featuring traditional Northwest Coast Native American art! Designed in Juneau, Alaska. It should be printed by USPCC.


The oldest surviving artifact of Northwest Coast Native design is seen on a piece of wood from over 2000 years ago.  Northwest Coast Indigenous people have been developing and exploring this artform for centuries. Rico Worl chose to feature this style of design (called formline) on modern day playing cards. The colors are traditional Tlingit colors, but use the red is closer to the one traditionally found on playing cards.

Each face card was hand-drawn using traditional Northwest Coast formline design, vectorized line-by-line in Adobe Illustrator, and will be printed on Bicycle grade paper by the United States Playing Card Company.


You could pledge here: 

[Funded – Jun 13, 2013]

This project will only be funded if at least $7,500 is pledged by Thursday Jun 13, 8:55pm EDT.

Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Box Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Spades-2 Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Hearts Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Clubs Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Diamonds Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Joker Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Number_Cards Native_Art_Playing_Cards_Back

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