Bēhance: Manek Chowk Playing Cards by Jyoti Mann

19 Aug

These playing cards (project) were designed by the Indian artist Jyoti Mann. © 2012 Jyoti Mann

Manek Chowk is the bustling open square near the center of the Ahmedabad (India). It is a vegetable market in the morning, a bullion market (the second biggest in India) in the noon and the street food market at night. At the same time it is surrounded by ancient buildings. This place is full of contrasts. There are the Raja no Hajiro to the west of it and the Rani no Hajiro to the east of it.

The Raja no Hajiro was the burial ground for male members of the royal family. And the Rani no Hajiro was the burial ground for female members of the royal family.

Jyoti Mann tried to capture the contrast for his playing card design. It was showcased by designing the two extermally opposite sides of the cards. One side (backs) depicts a wedding/festival. Other side (court cards) depicts gravestones of the royals.
Court Cards
Manek_Chowk_Playing_Cards_by_Jyoti_Mann_Jack Manek_Chowk_Playing_Cards_by_Jyoti_Mann_Queen Manek_Chowk_Playing_Cards_by_Jyoti_Mann_Kingn Manek_Chowk_Playing_Cards_by_Jyoti_Mann_Court_Cards
Number Cards


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