Collective Art Project (CAP) Deck: Design with Purpose Playing Cards

19 Aug

This playing card project was organised by Jacqui Stuart (via Facebook page) as part of the Design with Purpose community. It was created for charity with all the profits going to the non profit organisation called Forest & Bird (New Zealand). Jacqui participated as the manager of this project and as an artist. Different designers, illustrators and artists from many different places around New Zealand and the word took part in this project. All their artworks were incorporated in the deck of playing cards produced in 2012 – Design with Purpose Playing Cards.

Forest & Bird is New Zealand’s longest-serving conservation organisation, formed in 1923 (they celebrate 90 years in 2013) in response to widespread extinction of native species and destruction of native forests. Since then their role has grown to include protection of all native flora and fauna on land and in oceans (New Zealand’s territory covers an area of ocean many times greater than their land mass), lakes and rivers of New Zealand. Forest & Bird has played an active role in preserving New Zealand’s environment and native species. They have helped establish protection for a third of their country’s land in parks and reserves, put an end to logging of their native forests and helped bring species such as the kakapo and kokako back from the brink of extinction.

The deck: 52 playing cards with different artworks + 2 different Jokers + 1 insert. Playing cards are printed by GEON (New Zealand) on cardboard and have a smooth finish (the same about the tuck case). The internal space of the tuck case hasn’t enough height so there are some problems with putting cards in the tuck case and pulling them out it. Due to that the isert for this deck isn’t in the tuck case. It is attached to the box in simple but creative way – see the picture.


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Design-with-Purpose-Playing-Cards-box-front Design-with-Purpose-Playing-Cards-box-back


The Ace of Spades – Jackie Green

The Two of Spades – Rowan Alexander


The Three of Spades – Forbes Stuart

The Four of Spades – Lance Hausman


The Five of Spades – Matt Crisp

The Six of Spades – Eli Lamont


The Seven of Spades – Ben Hopkinson

The Eight of Spades – Carley Soda


The Nine of Spades – Pat Monaghan

The Ten of Spades – Danielle Osikai


The Jack of Spades – Kheng Khai Koh

The Queen of Spades – Ash Jamison


The King of Spades – Nic Brady



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